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Yliopiston anime ja manga ry

Welcome to Yama!

Yama is an anime and manga club which is a part of HYY (Helsinki University’s Student Union), and a member club of the Finnish Anime Union. Yama was founded on 12th of April, 2003.

Yama has regular meetings on Wednesdays at 6PM at our club room in Mechelininkatu 3D, basement floor.

More info can be found in our Wiki.


The core of our activities are our meetings on Wednesdays at our club room. On uneven weeks you can watch the anime series on our program with everyone else. On even weeks our meetings have a Japan-related theme, e.g. doujinshi, JRPGs, or even calligraphy. We also often prepare Japanese food, arrange video marathons, sauna evenings and excursions. On summers we'll even enjoy a bit more sporty action in otaku-fashion!

Amongst our members we also have some non-official regular meetings, like our cosplay club and visual novel project group. You can't avoid players of mahjong or handhelds at our club either.



Teemakertsi: Uudet mangat
Teemakertsi: Idolianimet

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